Colona IV at The Red Sea Wreck Project

Colona IV

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Colona IV at The Red Sea Wreck ProjectThe Colona IV was a dive charter boat which was one of the first safari dive boats to operate out of Hurghada. Owned by Rudi Kneips of Colona Divers, she was a 21-meter Norwegian built steel hulled vessel with twin screws, fully equipped for live-aboard diving safaris.

In late April of 1995, during heavy weather, the Colona IV struck the reef at Sha’abrur Umm Gamar (position 27°21’55″N; 34°54’55″E) north of Hurghada and sank. The vessel settled on the bottom in 66 meters of water.


Diving Information

The wreck lies on the eastern side of the Sha’abrur Umm Gamar reef wall approximately halfway along the reef’s length. Lying on its starboard side, the boat is nearly complete and some dive penetration is possible. The wreck site is used for training for technical diving by the local dive operators.

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