Dunelmia/Maldive Transport at The Red Sea Wreck Project

Maldive Transport

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Dunelmia/Maldive Transport at The Red Sea Wreck Project

Dunelmia/Maldive Transport at The Red Sea Wreck ProjectThe Maldive Transport was originally built as the 4,907 GRT. Cargo Ship S.S. Dunelmia, the second of three ships with that name, at William Gray and Company (Yard No. 1253), Hartlepool, UK, for Metcalfe Shipping Co., Ltd., West Hartlepool, UK. She was launched 12 March 1952 and completed the following June with a length of 130.9 meters and beam of 17.2 meters. Propulsion was provided by a triple-expansion steam engine and single shaft for a speed of 11 knots. The ship’s boilers were mounted in a “Boilers-On-Deck” configuration. The Dunelmia was one of the last ships in Britain to be built with this configuration.

In 1969, the Dunelmia was sold and renamed the Maldive Transport (buyers unknown).

On 29 April 1972, the ship caught fire at position 25.40N/35.35E, and then was subsequently beached 5 nautical miles south of Safaga.


(Note: On Google Earth there is what appears to be a beached wreck located almost exactly 5 miles south of the port of Safaga at position 26.39.26N/33.56.49E….could this be the ship?)

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