Adamantia K at The Red Sea Wreck Project

Featured Red Sea Wreck: The Adamantia K (formerly the Marienburg)

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Adamantia K at The Red Sea Wreck Project
Adamantia K as the Koholyt

The Adamantia “K” was originally built as the 844 GRT cargo ship Marienburg at Bremer Vulkan Werke, Stettiner Oberwerke Stettin-Grabow (Yard No. 674) for the Neue Dampfer Companie, Stettin. Construction of the ship commenced in 1919 and was completed in May of 1920

On 23 January 1948, while enroute to Piraeus from Port Sudan in ballast, the Adamantia K ran hard aground in the Fury Shoals at Hamata in the Abu Galawa reef system

The wreck has broken apart over the years as a result by having sat on top of the reef and being beaten by storms since she grounded in 1948. The hull has completely collapsed, exposing the main engine at about 4-meters of depth. The fore and aft sections of the ship can be located in opposite directions nearby in 8-meters of water.

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