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The Scalaria at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The S.S. Scalaria was a 5,683 GRT Tanker built at Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson (Yard No. 1173), Newcastle, UK, for the Anglo-Saxon Petroleum Company (Shell Tankers, manager). As with all “Shell Tankers” she was named after a mollusk, in this case the twisting bivalve mollusk “Scalaria.

On 19 October 1942, the ship was anchored at Ras Gharib under the command of Captain J. Waring, and taking on 7,000 tons of crude oil. Late that evening, or early on the morning of the 20th, the ship was attacked by a German Heinkel 111.

The the remains of the bow and stern of the ship lie only a few meters from the surface and are separated from the rest of the wreck. The area in-between is covered with piping and ladders, as well as sections of hull plating. The ship’s three boilers still remain in the aft section indicating where the Engineering compartments were. The ship’s triple-expansion engine is also in place, with various engine components easily recognizable, as is the main engine reverse direction steam control handwheel. The rest of the rest is a pile of assorted and mangled debris including valves, portholes, and assorted deck fittings and equipment.

Learn more and read the captains report of the sinking at:


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