About The Project

The Red Sea Wreck Project is a non-profit venture whose aim is to research, search and catalogue the shipwrecks of the Red Sea.

The project is has been undertaken by a team of dedicated Wreck Lovers, working in partnership with The Scuba News Egypt and Red Sea Safaris.

As of our “launch day” (28th August 2013), the site has been primarily developed using information which is widely available on the Internet and available in various research publications. The second stage of The Red Sea Wreck Project is to undertake more research into what is generally considered to be true about the wrecks we have listed and enhance our pages with even more information on each wreck. Not only how it is now but to also as much history for each vessel as possible.

Finally, we will not only be providing information on wrecks that have already been discovered but we will also be out “hunting” for new wrecks. Again providing the history of each vessel and taking extensive photographs of what we find in the depths of the Red Sea.

We hope you find our site informative and if you have any additional information on any of the wrecks we have listed, or if you have any underwater photographs we can include in our galleries, please do not hesitate to contact us and information or photographs provided will be credited to the appropriate person.