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Mohamed Hasabella

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The Mohamed Hasabella was a Egyptian trawler typical of the type of boat that is common in the area today. This wreck is not very old so the history of the vessel is probably only known amongst the local fishing community right now.

This wreck is lying completely intact on the bottom at 34 meters in the harbor of Hurghada. This is the wreck described as the “fishing boat” which lies just to the south of another wreck, the better-known EL Minya. The Mohamed Hasabella rises from the bottom to a minimum depth of about 20-meters which puts it at the maximum limit for Open Water divers. This is another wreck which is excellent for technical training courses. There is quite a bit of deck equipment to see in the stern area, as well as the trawls to see. Penetration into the wreck itself is possible, but as with the EL Minya, it is extremely confined inside. The wreck is beginning to be colonized by soft corals and other aquatic life. As the wreck is not overly covered in marine growth, it provides some nice photo opportunities both inside the wreck and out.


Diving Information

Diving the “Twin Wrecks” of the harbour can be done if divers are conservative with both air and depth. Starting with diving the EL Minya first and then heading south for a 1-2 minute swim until the Mohamed Hasabella is reached, take a short tour around the outside of the vessel and then head back to the EL Minya to the dive boat’s mooring line for the safety stop. This is a fun dive and for those new to these depths and/or wreck diving.




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