The Attiki began life as a 2,975 GRT Cargo ship originally named the Masashima Maru built at the Imabari Zosen shipyard, Imabari, Japan. Launched 02 June 1966 and completed later that same year, the ship was 95.3 meters in length and 15.5 meters in beam. Powered by a single diesel and shaft for a top speed of 12 knots. It is unclear who the ship was built for or owned by until the time of her loss.In 1971 the ship was renamed Zougro, and then renamed Attiki in 1974, at which time the ship was owned and operated by Lanathos Cia., Greece.

Just before midnight on 24 April 1978, while enroute to Port Sudan with a cargo of cement, the ship ran aground at Ras Dib at position 27.59.36N/33.28.36E in approximately 10-12 meters of water. The ship’s holds and engineroom flooded with seawater and the ship was abandoned. The ship later caught fire at which time she was declared a total constructive loss.

Diving Information

The wreck lies parallel to shore with the bow just above water and facing northwards. The ship appears to have been partially salvaged at some point, evidenced by the missing shaft and propeller, as is much of the ship’s upper structure. The remainder of the wreck is fairly spread out and open. The cargo of cement is still in her holds, long since solidified, and parts of the ship’s main engine is recognizable. Plenty of piping and twisted metal lying about as well. The site has been colonised by the standard lionfish, surgeons, soft corals, and numerous nudibrancs which appear larger here than they do at other dive sites.




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