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Not much information available on the history of this ship. The Bakr, sometimes pronounced ‘Bahr”, was a 416 GRT survey vessel built in Kiev, Russia, possibly at the Leninskaya Kuznitsa shipyard, with a length of 49 meters. She was built for the United Arab Republic General Petroleum Co. for service in the oil fields located in the Gulf of Suez.

On 14 October 1973, the Bakr was attacked and sunk by missiles fired from Israeli aircraft during the attack to destroy the Egyptian military radar station located at Ras Gharib.


Diving Information

The wreck sits upright on a sandy bottom in 12 meters of water. The hull below the waterline is nearly complete except where she was hit by the Israeli missile that sank her, her superstructure having long since been salvaged. The survey booms are still in place and there are various items of deck equipment to be seen onboard and lying on the bottom around the wreck. The name of the ship is still clearly readable on the bow and stern of the vessel, and the anchor winch is still in place. Access to the wrecks interior is possible. However, there are numerous snag hazards inside.


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