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The Elliot at The Red Sea Wreck Project


The Elliot was a cargo ship of 2,870 GRT built at Euskalduna Shipyard (Yard No. 157), Olaveaga, Spain. She was originally named ASK and was flagged as a Norwegian vessel. Launched 20 June 1962, she was completed the following year with a length of 93.7 meters, beam of 14.8 meters, with a single diesel engine and shaft for a speed of 12.5 knots.

In 1973 the ship was renamed Zepmare and renamed again in 1974 as the Jutland (Miramar incorrectly spelled this name as Juetland on their website). Sometime afterwards, the ship was sold to the Ugars Marine Co., Panama, and in 1980 was renamed the Elliot.

On 11 July 1984, the ship was steaming south in the Gulf of Suez with a 3500 ton cargo of chickpeas when she struck the reef just north of Ras Dib. The ship then sank in approximately 10-meters of water. No loss of life reported.


Diving Information

The wreck lies approximately 200 meters north of Ras Dib at postion 28.02.11N / 33.24.95 E in approximately 10-meters of water with her bow buried deep in the reef. The hull’s sides have collapsed in the area of the ship’s holds and all that remains is a mass of confused and tangled metal and piping. The seabed around the ship is littered with various pieces and parts of the ship’s remains, as well as an abundance of sea life to be seen. The ship’s superstructure aft breaks the surface of the water and access can be gain to the inerior of the ship here for penetrations into the engine room, engineering workshops, and ship’s accommodation areas.

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