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Not much information concerning this ship. And what information that we have been able to locate to date is mostly conflicting information.

One source states that the wreck is located at Ras Honkorab near the Egyptian-Sudan border after running aground and sinking in 10-30 meters of water in 1970. Also that the bell of the Mataura was located by divers and hidden inside the vessel. Other sources state that the wreck was 326 long and ran aground in at Ras Banas and sank 25 February 1970. And yet another source indicates that the wreck lies off of Bodkin Reef in 12-25 meters of water.

Now, there was a ship by the name of Hadia which was originally named the Mataura which was a 2046 GRT Cargo Ship launched on 02 November 1948. However, this ship was supposedly broken up at Bilbao in August 1973.

There was a case of mistaken identity concerning the Hadia at one point when a wreck was discovered well north of Hurghada, this wreck is now known as the Atlas, or “Half Wreck”.

Mr. Peter Collings conducts dive safaris to the southern Red Sea and has this vessel listed on his itinerary. As he has dove this site regularly, he most likely has the identity and history of this wreck nailed down.


Diving Information

The wreck lies off the Bodkin Reef in 10-25 meters of water and is nearly complete. The bow section of the vessel is said to be completely damaged as a result of impact with the reef.



Miramar Single Ship Reports for 5265681


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