Tuesday, March 2


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Hatour at The Red Sea Wreck ProjectThe Hatour was a local live-aboard dive/safari boat which sank at the eastern end of Sha’ab Shear reef in late November 2001. As the story goes, the Hatour was en route to meet another boat at Abu Kafan when she struck the Abu Kafan reef and began taking on water. The Hatour was put in tow by another vessel in an attempt to get her into an area with shallow water. The nearest place to this was the Sha’ab Shear Reef, where passengers, crew, and equipment were taken off of the vessel, which subsequently sank in 16 meters of water.

Over the next few months the vessel was salvaged, leaving only the wooden hull on the bottom.


Diving Information

The wreck is lying in 16 meters and is basically an empty and shattered wooden hull which has been taken over by varous soft corals. The more attractive part of this dive is the surrounding hard corals on the north side of the reef, making your way around the western side of the reef and finishing the dive on the wreck itself. This is said to be an excellent night dive site, as there is an abundance of aquatic life present at night which is not there during the day.


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