Friday, September 24

Featured Red Sea Wreck – Tienstin (Tien Hsing)

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Tienstin at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The “Tienstin”, as it is commonly called, is the phonetic pronunciation of the ship’s actual Chinese name of Tien Hsing. Built at Ta Chung Hua Shipbuilding & Engineering Works, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China in 1935, she was a steam powered tugboat of approximately 300 tons and 35 meters in length.

The Tien Hsing lies in 18 meters of water at the base of the reef’s southern face on the western end of the reef at Abu Galawa Kibeer. Lying relatively parallel to the reef, with her part of her bow buried deeply in it, the wreck is listing over to starboard at approximately 40-45 degrees.

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