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Vincenzo Giordano Orsini

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Vincenzo Giordano Orsini
The Vincenzo Giordano Orsini was an Italian Sirtori class torpedo boat built at Cantiere Odero Sestri Ponente, Genoa, Italy for the Regia Marina Italiana (Royal Italian Navy). One of four ships of the class built, she was laid down 02 February 1916, launched 23 April 1917, and commissioned on 12 May 1912. Total construction time was 1 year 81 days, plus an additional 19 days for fitting out.
Displacement: 709 GRT
Length: 73.5 m
Complement: 78 men
Armament: 6 X IT 10.2cm 45cal Schneider Armstrong guns (6×1), 2 40mm 2pdr Vickers Single AA guns (2×1), 4 18in 45cm W200-450 X 5.75 torpedo tubes (2×2)
Max speed: 30 knots
Engines: 4 boilers, geared turbines, 2 shafts
Power: 16000 HP
At the outbreak of WWII, the Vincenzo Giordano Orsini was assigned to the Ammiraglio di Divisione Balsamopart of the Red Sea Flotilla and was based at the Italian colony at Massawa, Eritrea. In early 1941 the British Navy blockaded the port of Massawa, effectively trapping the Italian fleet in the harbor. Realizing that the port was going to be overrun by the British, in April 1941 the Italian commander of the Red Sea Flotilla, Mario Bonetti, bagan destroying the harbor’s facilities to deny their use to the enemy. 18 commercial ships were scuttled at the entrances to the harbor. The Vincenzo Giordano Orsini was scuttled on 08 April 1941, possibly after receiving severe battle damage, the day that the Italians surrendered Massawa.

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