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Abu Saimma

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A Typical Egyptian Trawler at The Red Sea Wreck Project

A Typical Egyptian Trawler

The Abu Saimma was an Egyptian trawler typical of the type of commercial fishing vessel on sees throughout the Red Sea and along the North Coast. They are wooden vessels typically between 25 and 65 meters in length, powered by a single diesel engine and shaft. The majority of these boats are built in Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, and Safaga.

Details of the loss of the Abu Saimma according to local information is that she pulled into the Mikalawa lagoon for engine repairs, struck the reef and sank. It appears that there was some attempt at salvage at the time of the sinking.



Diving Information

The wreck of the Abu Saimma lies on the side of the Mikalawa Island with the stern at approximately 30 meters and the remainder to the wreck angling down the slope to a depth of 50-55 meters. When the wreck was first dived a few years ago it was perched higher on the reef at about 30 meters. Over time the wreck has been slowly sliding down the slope and will someday be gone for good. Mikalawa Island, also known as Saranaka, lies south of Ras Banas and provides a good sheltered area for deep dives.


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