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M/V Aboudy

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The Ville De Tenes at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The Ville De Tenes

The M/V Aboudy is said to have originally been built as the 500 GRT wine tanker Ville De Tenes at Dutch Kramer & Booy, Kootstertille (Yard No. 111) for Societe Mediterranee de Combustibles, Sete. Launched 19 September 1959 with a length of76 meters, beam of 11.4 meters, with a 7-cylinder diesel engine.

In 1962 she became the Captain Saint Jean until she was purchased by Nakhia & Sado Marine in 1979 and renamed Aboudy

What is known is that the ship ran aground in heavy weather, quite possibly on 07 May 1988, at Ras Gharib, Egypt carrying a cargo of aluminum, livestock, and cough medicine. The ship eventually sank and was declared a total constructive loss.

Diving Information

The wreck was located in September 2005 by members of Bromley BSAC and Mr. Peter Collings lying just inshore of the wreck of the Scalaria at a depth of 7-10 meters of water. Oriented in a bow-north/stern-south orientation parallel to shore, the ship is lying on her port side. The pilothouse and superstructure aft have deteriorated and collapsed, however, the foc’sle and hold can be explored where one can find remnants of the ship’s cargo at the time of sinking. Handrails, lamps, winches and crane equipment, are all still in place. The wreck has been taken over by shoaling barracuda, crocodile fish, rays, corals and sponges, as well as a variety of other fish species. Visibility varies with sea conditions and the site is subject to swell conditions.


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