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Cape Clear

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The Cape Clear at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The Cape Clear was a cargo ship of 5,085 GRT built at Lithgows Ltd. (Yard No. 906), Glasgow, Scotland, for Cape York Motorship Co., Ltd. (Lyle Shipping Co.), Glasgow, Scotland. Launched 08 May 1939, and completed the following August, the ship was 134.6 meters in length, 17.3 meters in beam, and 8.2 meters in draught. Propulsion was provided by a single diesel engine generating 599 nhp to a single screw for a speed of 12 knots.

There isn’t much available information concerning the ship’s history. It is known that on 27 February 1941 the ship was damaged when she struck a mine off the Mersey. We have been unable to locate any additional information about the ship until 1944.
On 21 August 1944, while north-bound in the Gulf of Suez enroute to Hampton Roads, UK from Basra, the ship was involved in a collision with the U.S. Liberty Ship Henry Dearborn. The Cape Clear sank as a result of the collision at position 28° 21′ N / 33° 11.3’E in 55-60-meters of water between the north and south-bound shipping lanes.

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