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Featured Red Sea Wreck – The Rosalie Moller

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The Francis / Rosalie Moller at The Red Sea Wreck Project

The Francis

A favourite for many Red Sea wreck divers, the Rosalie Moller was a 3,963 GRT Cargo Ship originally built as the Francis at Barclay Curle & Co., Glasgow, Scotland.

The ship arrived at the lower end of the Gulf of Suez on 06 October 1941 and was directed to moor at Safe Anchorage “H” to await her turn to head north to transit the Suez Canal.The “Safe” Anchorages, up until this date, had been considered safe because enemy aircraft had not been able to venture this far south from airbases located in the northern Mediterranean. However, the Germans had just mastered the art of night flying and on 06 October a squadron on Heinkel 111 bombers from No. 2 Squadron 26th Kamp Geswader based out of Crete discovered these “Safe Anchorages” and conducted a bombing run which sank the Thistlegorm which was anchored at Safe Anchorage “F”.

The Rosalie Moller remained at Safe Anchorage “H” for two more days when, shortly after midnight, the Heinkels returned for another attack.

As the ship was sinking, the captain and crew took to the ship’s lifeboats and were able to abandon the ship with 2 lives lost.

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