Tuesday, March 21


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Excalibur at The Red Sea Wreck ProjectThe Excalibur was a twin masted motor and sail vessel approximately 22-meters in length and was white and light blue in color with dark blue trim. She is said to have sank in the harbour of Hurghada in late 1995 or early 1996 as the result of an electrical fire.

This wreck is also known as the Susannah, supposedly a name given to her by the diver, author, and photographer Rik Vercoe in 1996 who also made a drawing of the vessel as it was then. Click here to see his drawing.

Diving Information

The wreck sits upright on a sandy bottom in 22-meters of water with a slight starboard list. The part of the boat’s bowsprit is still in place on the bow and many deck fittings and rails are still present. Penetration of the wreck can be made into the pilothouse and some of the accommodation areas. However, some people do not recommend enterning the wreck as everything can be view through the windows and ports. The wreck has been colonised by glassfish, lionfish, and barracuda, among others. The wreck is located near shore and can be reached by a bit of a long surface swim. This dive is also a good night dive or a last dive of the day.


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