Tuesday, June 15


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The Belina is a small steel shipwreck (either a coaster or live-aboard dive safari boat) located just of the beach of the harbor in Hurghada. Not much information to be found on this wreck except that its mast, which breaks the surface of the water, is used by local dive boats to tie off too.

Diving Information

Not a particularly exciting wreck to dive, the bow is located only a couple of meters down, with the rest of the wreck sitting on a sandy bottom at between 8 and 9 meters. As it is located near shore and in the harbor, visibility is typically not very good. However, the is abundant sea life around the wreck with small schools of Sweetlips, Barracudas, and soft corals. Penetration of the wreck is possible with a central passageway leading along approximately two-thirds of the vessels length leading to the engine compartment aft. Just aft of the foc’sle is a small hold which can easily be explored as well. Could make for a good third dive at the end of the day.


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